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With Ruderal, product users are transformed into co-creators, as they take part in the decision-making process.
image of Ruderal product

Featuring multi-purpose modules that are easy to assemble, customize and maintain, Ruderal advocates for sustainable minimalism in a range of spaces, from coworking offices to outdoor patios. The playful aesthetics of Ruderal also aim to upgrade temporary places and events like fairs, which often suffer from a lack of quality design.

image of Ruderal product
image of Ruderal product

Ruderal heads to Designblok following its successful premiere at the Wanted Design fair in New York where it represented the Czech Republic.

image of Ruderal product

During Designblok 2023, Ruderal could also be seen in Prague’s Holport, the headquarters of Konsepti, Lasvit and Designbath.

It played a central role in the installation designed for the companies’ Designblok opening party, where it portrays the journey of a creative idea.

NFC tags have been integrated into the 3D printed modules, making product passports easily accessible. Read about the product’s environmental impact here:

image of Ruderal product
image of Ruderal product

The versatility of Ruderal is enhanced by its material possibilities. Current versions have been 3D printed from recycled filament, in collaboration with Prusa Lab, or molded from recycled concrete, together with Cementum.

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